In 2010-2011 I was diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism, which could also progress to rheumatoid arthritis. My initial symptoms were severe pain in my hands, right arm and swelling in different parts of my body. I went to my GP who sent me to Rheumatology and I was prescribed various medications, which I happily took. After all, as a hairdresser, having hands that work is vital!

juliet JuicerI also love to keep fit and running was my passion. The doctors advised me to keep moving as it would help with my joints, however running became a problem, so I bought a road bike and in 2014 I entered myself into the 2015 ‘ETAPE’ a stage of the Tour de France! The serious training began – I needed to get lean to get up those mountains and even have a chance of finishing the event!

I had seen a friend of mine who had just returned from Juicy Oasis in Portugal and she looked fabulous. It made me think…JUICE…could it really be that good? I was turning 50, so as a birthday treat I asked my husband to send me there for a week – and it literally changed my life. I thought I was quite healthy before, but I met all of these people who had so much knowledge about health and nutrition and I left feeling amazing.

That’s when I made the decision…I wanted to stay feeling this good…so when I returned home I carried on juicing for a week and I stayed off sugar and caffeine. I completed the ETAPE, got my medal, and I have been ‘clean eating’ with regular juicing ever since.

The best news for me, is that, after my last consultation at the hospital, I am now drug free! My markers are all normal and all of the inflammation has gone. I no longer have a weight problem and all of this is because of JUICE!

I can’t thank Juicy Oasis enough for the support and knowledge I gained whilst I was there. I am now a fully qualified Natural Juice Therapist which means I can help others learn the benefits of juicing.