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Revitalise your Body and Mind: Join our Holistic Wellness Retreats. Experience detoxification through yoga, nutritious juices, soups and therapeutic treatments.

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The retreat was transformative. The combination of yoga, cold-press juices, and therapeutic treatments left me feeling revitalised and healthy
--Emily R
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About Us

Meet the team of experienced yoga instructors, nutrition experts, and wellness professionals dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health

Juliet Mellor

With 44 years of experience as a hairdresser and 23 years of running my own successful business, I have honed my skills and built a loyal clientele. In 2015, I diversified into the wellness industry by launching a juice business and becoming a qualified juice therapist.

My passion for wellness has led me to prioritize working at retreats, where I can share the numerous health benefits of juicing, which I believe nourishes the body with goodness.

Additionally, I have completed extensive training in Multi-Style Yoga Alliance, Yoga Nidra, Heart of Yoga, Addiction Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork. My approach to teaching emphasizes inclusivity, compassion, and empowerment, helping individuals discover the profound benefits of yoga for themselves.

I am dedicated to promoting holistic health and well-being through both juicing and yoga, and I am excited to share my journey and expertise with you.

Cassey Lee

Cassey Lee, PT Cassey Lee is a dedicated and experienced fitness professional with a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga teacher, and cold water immersion coach, Cassey has helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being.

With a strong passion for fitness and a comprehensive understanding of various training methodologies, Cassey excels in creating personalized fitness programs that are both challenging and enjoyable. Her expertise extends to leading dynamic group fitness classes providing 12:42fitness classes, providing restorative yoga sessions, and coaching individuals through the invigorating practice of cold water immersion.

Cassey’s holistic approach to fitness combines physical training with mental and emotional wellness, ensuring her clients not only reach their fitness targets but also develop sustainable, healthy lifestyles. Her commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest fitness trends and techniques sets her apart as a versatile and knowledgeable coach.

Our Holistic Approach

Our Retreats combine the benefits of yoga, cold press juices, nutritious soups, HIIT classes, cold water therapy and sauna sessions to offer a comprehensive detox experience