Thank you so much to Juliet Mellor for her three day juice cleanse I’ve just done!

As a Naturopath I was interested in the results that this three day cleanse of fresh juices and smoothies could give me. I was so impressed with the quality and the ingredients used in these juices, each one was different and more wonderful than the next! I wondered if I would feel hungry but the combination of juices and smoothies with the ginger and wheatgrass shots was so well balanced that I never felt the hunger pangs at all! Instead I felt more vibrant and energetic after each day, and I could literally feel my digestive organs having a well earned rest. I felt so good that I decided to do another three day stint a few days later, I felt the fluid retention in my body drain out of me, I lost pounds in excess weight and my skin was in the best condition it had been in ages.

I fully endorse this regime for anyone who is feeling sluggish and fatigued or who wants just to know a bit more about the health benefits a juice fast can give you.



Juliet’s juices are so delicious, all the family love them!

I would only drink a pure raw juice and Juliets tick all the boxes,
nutritious, Organic ,delicious, Kids fight over them.
I just know we are all  drinking Pure Gold!!!! x
What a great find! As a busy woman running my own business and having to travel, eating healthily is not always easy in a busy schedule. Juliet provided me with a week’s supply of delicious juices. I stored the juice in my freezer and simply took out the following day’s prepared bottles to then use from the fridge. I was able to take some juices on a business trip and keep in the hotel refrigerator, no need to go off course with my plan to fulfil a week of healthy detox. What a treat choosing from the array of fruit options and wow how much better I felt as the days passed by. I felt less tired, much more bright eyed and definitely ready to embark on the re-introduction of eating healthier on a daily basis without feeling that I was on yet another diet.