Juice to your Door

Juice Plans and Pricing

There are many reasons why people choose to juice and whatever your motivation, we can design a juice programme just for you.

JU-ICE-IT makes a range of deliciously healthy and smooth juices that you can order individually to accompany a healthy diet or as a cleanse. Either way, there really is no better way to give your body all the goodness that it needs.

All our juices are made fresh to order, from locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible, and contain a nutritional blend of fruit and vegetables. See our recipes here.

Juices can be delivered fresh for immediate consumption or frozen. Orders need to be in by midday on Friday for the week after. Just contact us to place an order.

Juice to your door
3 juices

3 days – £95

6 x 470ml juices
6 x 470ml smoothies
3 x ginger shots
1 x lemon
3 x herbal tea bags

5 juices

5.2 Package - £66

8 x 470ml juices
1 x Green Elixir shot
2 x ginger shots
1 x lemon
2 x herbal tea bags

5 juices

5 days - £157.50

10 x 470ml juices
10 x 470ml smoothies
5 x ginger shots
1 x lemon
5 x herbal tea bags

7 juices

7 days - £220.50

14 x 470ml juices
14 x 470ml smoothies
7 x ginger shots
1 x lemon
7 x herbal tea bags

Glass Bottles

We now do our juices in glass bottles, local delivery only and by request.


Please get in touch for information.

Surcharge for glass bottles.

Juice cleanse packages

Kick-start your juicing lifestyle with a juice cleanse to give your digestive system a break and detoxify your body. During a juice cleanse, you will enjoy 4 juices each day from our fabulous and tasty selection, two of which are infused with some extra ingredients for a thicker smoothie-like texture for  added variety. We’ll also provide you with a wheatgrass shot and ginger shot for that extra energy boost and a lemon and some herbal tea bags to fill you up during the day. Read our guide on ‘How to do a juice cleanse’ here. So say goodbye to caffeine, sugar and processed foods, but say hello to a more energised, leaner and cleaner you and no food shopping! Choose from our 3, 5 and 7 day cleanse packages or simply get in touch if you’d like to take your cleanse to the next level with a longer fast (not recommended for first-timers).

Individual juice prices

If you simply want to try it out or substitute one or two meals per day with a refreshing and nutritious juice to easily increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, we can create a bespoke package to order. Our individual product prices are listed below, but we recommend that you contact us first so we can determine the most cost-effective way for you to combine juicing with food.

A minimum order is required for free delivery, please ask for details.

Product Size Price
Large Juice 500ml £6.50
Small Juice 250ml £4.25
Smoothie 500ml £7.50
Ginger Shot 250ml £6.00
100ml Small Bottles £2.50  
1oz Pot (x30) £22.50  
Green Elixir 100ml £2.50

Read our guide on ‘How to juice with food’ here.