RE-TOX Merkabah Retreat

Saturday, 8 June ’24   10am – 7pm BST
The Merkabah Retreat, Water Lane, Winterborne Houghton, Blandford Forum, DT11 0PE

£95 per person
Early bird price until 20th April. Thereafter £125 per person

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10am: Arrival & Cold-Pressed Juice: Starting the day with a refreshing juice is a great way to welcome our Guests and provide you with a burst of energy.

Core Strong:
This activity sets a positive tone for the day, encouraging guests to engage their bodies and focus on strength and stability.

Detox Yoga:
Following Core Strong with a detox yoga session is a natural progression, allowing guests to further cleanse their bodies and minds through movement and breath.
Juice Smoothie: A juice smoothie midday provides participants with essential nutrients to sustain their energy levels and keep them feeling nourished.

Ice Bath & Sauna:
This is a unique and invigorating experience that can help promote circulation and detoxification.
Guests will be properly informed and prepared for the intensity of an ice bath.

4pm Juice: Providing another juice in the afternoon continues to support guests hydration and nutritional needs.

Fire Release Ritual:
This activity offers a meaningful opportunity for guests to let go of what no longer serves them and set intentions for the future. It’s a powerful way to encourage personal growth and transformation.

6pm Soup by the Fire: Ending the day with a warm, comforting soup by the fire is a lovely way to nourish our guest bodies and foster a sense of community and connection.

7pm Closing Cacao Circle: Closing the retreat with a cacao circle is a beautiful way to bring everyone together for reflection, gratitude, and a sense of closure. Cacao can also promote feelings of well-being and relaxation.

This day has been thoughtfully planned to provide guests with a holistic and rejuvenating experience have some fun and become part of our juicing retox community 💚

Cassey will Provide training and guidance for the ice bath experience as it’s essential for ensuring Guests safety and comfort. Incorporating breathwork techniques can help you manage the intense sensations that come with immersion in cold water.

This preparation will empower our guests to fully engage in the ice bath experience and derive the maximum benefits from it.

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